Services: request the report of your astral chart

Natal Chart $ 30.00 USD

It is your astral DNA and helps you to make the most of life. I certainly recommend this report be your first one if you have never had it.


Solar Return $ 30.00 USD

Indicates the opportunities and challenges you are going to present from the date of your birthday to the next one, as well the best way to use them and face them.


Synastry: Compatibility in love or work
$ 40.00 USD

A compatibility profile that explores what each person of the couple (romantic or business) feels about the other.

Each report has more than 30 pages of individualized analysis. Once the payment has been made, I will contact you via email within 24 business hours to ask your details, to know any personal doubts that you want to clarify, and to start your astral report. 


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